Our Events

The Format

We meet twice a month. The meetings start at 7.30 pm with the first half-hour will be a time grab a drink and catch up with everyone. We sit down at 8 pm, share some updates and tuck into some nice food. At the first meeting of the month, we invite a speaker who will talk for 30 minutes and the talk will be followed by a group conversation on the topic of the day. At the second meeting, we have a roundtable discussion with various topics suggested by individuals in the group, often following on from the previous talk. These topics are loosely based around personal development.

Our Speakers


We cover topics such as having a healthy relationship with money, health and fitness, how we make better decisions, communication, relationships, rest, goal setting and achieving your goals, tackling your inner critic, managing stress and so on. We ask people with amazing inspirational stories to come and share them.

Join Our Mahwe Community


Why you?


Do you have dreams and goals you have yet to achieve?

Do you sometimes feel your focus and motivation wavering?

Do you sometimes doubt yourself?

Do you like meeting inspiring and positive people?

Do you think it’s important to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you?

Do you believe in helping others?

Are you ready to turn your goals into a reality?

Would you like to silence your inner critic?


At Mahwe, you’ll get motivation, inspiration, support, positivity, knowledge, new skills, fun, new experiences, and friendship to help you achieve your goals.

The Cost


£25 per meeting including food. Guests can only attend 3 meetings per year.



£50 per month which includes 2 meetings and your food.