The glue within

How recognising and connecting with our unity can change our lives

There is something that binds us all. When I think of it, the way out of the greatest human challenges that we face is to realise that we are all bound to each other. We are made of the same matter, we breathe the same air, we belong on the same planet and we share the same fundamental aspiration, that of being happy.

We are not just bound economically or even environmentally. We are connected by something greater and deeper that is difficult to put into words.

During one of our talks this year we explored kindness. Our speaker, Tara Mehmet, finished her talk with the Hindu greeting, Namaste. In Sanskrit Namaste means “the sacred in me recognises the sacred in you”. Regardless of our religious affiliations, it is hard to deny that life is sacred. This sacred life force flows through each and every one of us. It also flows through each living thing on our planet.

It makes sense to me that underneath all that we experience on the surface of daily living, there is a place of unity. Whenever I can still my mind enough to connect with it, I am flooded by an immense sense of serenity and harmony with the world. This is where I become boundless. This is where my ego fades and my myriad needs and wants melt away. This is where I just am.

I search for that connection on a daily basis because I know that it reminds me that my separateness is just an illusion. I am bound to everyone and everything on this planet, and perhaps beyond. This knowing means that I start to see, feel and behave differently. I become more compassionate, less critical, it softens my ego’s need to compare, it also strengthens my self-esteem because I am no less than others. It amplifies my capacity to love and give, and that strengthens my entire being.

When I am in tune and able to remind myself of the glue that connects us all a veil lifts, I can see more clearly and I live more peacefully.

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