Our Story

Ben's Story

In 2012 I set up a new business, ’The Oxfordshire Project’ which is a joy to run and an enriching experience that has taught me countless lessons about personal development,  people, communication, community, life and business.

Before The Oxfordshire Project I spent over 20 years as a professional photographer in Oxfordshire and had established a successful business and life was fairly settled but something inside me was stirring. I had a sense that I needed to do something bigger in the world. I had a desire to make a positive impact on people outside of my current circle of influence. I didn’t know how but I had a fire inside me that was growing and needed to be let out.


At the beginning I was lucky enough that I had the stability of running my own business, I could take a leap of faith and follow this feeling in my stomach and I kept working on my photography to provide for my family.


My first step was understanding my Why, what change did I want to see in the world. I was angry with the politicians, angry with big business, angry with people who didn’t care about the planet, wildlife, equality, corruption, poverty, the list goes on.


I made a decision that would change my life in every way possible. I decided to follow my intuition. To follow that feeling in the pit of my stomach and no matter how challenging, I would do what it told me and see where it took me. I decided to unleash the fire and let it spread.


Once I committed to change and learning new skills amazing things started to happen. Wonderful people started coming into my life, inspiring me, teaching me, raising my game and showing me what was possible. I started moving away from people who had negative views of the world and from an unhealthy lifestyle. Seven years on this continues, like a filtering process. I find myself surrounded by the most incredible people, and with their support, I believe whatever my path has in store for me I shall be equal to it.


Mahwe is part of this journey, and through it we wish to bring you the support, inspiration, knowledge and friendship similar to what we have found on ours, things that will help you on your path ahead.

Svetlina's Story

I have had a long journey in personal development. It started in my childhood through my upbringing when my mother introduced me at an early age to the idea of self development.

In my early twenties, I took ownership of my personal development journey through books, ad hoc courses and eventually training in talking therapy and hypnotherapy. I worked in private practice for over 10 years before taking a break and working at The Oxfordshire Project.

Personal development has become a way of life. I love to learn and deepen my understanding of myself and the world in which we live. It is a focus that has improved the quality of my life, has deepened my sense of fulfilment, and strengthened my capacity to shape my life in a way that is authentic and meaningful.

Over the years I found it a challenge to meet people who had a similar focus on self exploration, who actively sought to expand their thinking and develop as human beings. Until I joined The Oxfordshire Project. I had met people through my courses and training but I was looking for something more.

In 2016, Ben and I decided to start a new kind of community. We wanted to bring together people who enjoyed meaningful conversations, who were committed to their personal growth and who wanted to meet like-minded people and develop deep connections.

This was the birth of Mahwe.