Tuesday, 21 May |  The Fleece

Welcome to Mahwe Witney. We'd like to invite you for an inspirational evening to listen to a thought-provoking talk followed by a group discussion over a delicious meal with like-minded people. This week we welcome Alasdair Lane who will talk about the importance of proper recovery. Our Mahwe events are relaxed and uplifting, you will meet positive people and leave with new ideas.


Forgiveness: Why we need forgiveness for true success and happiness

Many of us tend to think of forgiveness as a religious or spiritual practice - easy to talk about but hard to do. Yet forgiveness has huge benefits in all areas of life, from physical and mental wellbeing, to relationships, work business, community and general happiness. Unforgiveness (the state of not forgiving) can on the other hand put our lives at risk and warp our future. In this talk, Jane will cover the benefits of forgiveness, and explore how to overcome the challenges of actually doing it.


Speaker: Jane Lewis

Dr Jane Lewis has been studying and working with forgiveness for over 20 years. It’s played a major part in her own journey out of clinical depression into mental health and happiness, and she now teaches it to people in UK, Hawai’i and elsewhere. Jane is also fascinated by the role of forgiveness in business, and in reconciliation. When she’s not teaching or writing about forgiveness, she coaches women to live brilliant lives without burning out or becoming their mother or grandmother!


We'd love you to join us! ! If you want to come along to the next Mahwe evening, follow the link below and reserve your place. We're looking forward to meeting you!


✔ A chance to meet like-minded people

✔ A 30-minute talk by a carefully chosen speaker

✔ A group conversation where we share ideas and experiences

✔ An evening meal, a great time to get to know each other


At Mahwe we create communities to make life better. We offer an uplifting and supportive platform for people to become the best versions of themselves. Together we learn, support each other, share ideas, build our confidence, motivate each other and achieve our goals. 


Meeting Times

We meet twice a month. The meetings start at 7.30 pm with the first half-hour will be a time grab a drink and catch up with everyone. We sit down at 8 pm, share some updates and tuck into some nice food. We then listen to a talk which leads to a group conversation. The evening finishes at 9.30 pm


Part 1: Speakers

We invite a speaker who will deliver a 30 minute talk, which is followed by a group conversation on the topic of the day. We have a rota of 2 talks followed by a conversation evening.


Part 2: Conversation Evenings

Our conversation evenings are an opportunity to delve more deeply into theme. We have a roundtable discussion which allows us to share ideas and experiences. Some of the greatest ideas and learnings happen in this space as we all share and exchange knowledge and experience.


Meet Kate. She has been a part of the Mahwe group for several months and would like to share her Mahwe Experience with you.



We enjoy a variety of simple dishes which are primarily vegetarian.

There are also options to suit your individual dietary requirements.

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Parking: Patron car park and free street parking available

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