Wednesday, 1 May|  The Red Lion Adderbury

Welcome to Mahwe Banbury. We'd like to invite you for an inspirational evening to listen to a thought-provoking talk followed by a group discussion over a delicious meal with like-minded people. This week we welcome Lesley Beattie who will talk about how you can create a more authentic space and life be decluttering. Our Mahwe events are relaxed and uplifting, you will meet positive people and leave with new ideas.


BREAKING THE TABOO: Let's talk about mental health

We are all becoming more aware of the importance of talking about mental health but what is it that gets in the way? Why is it so much harder to say I’m depressed, than I’ve got a cold? In this 30 minute talk Jen will be sharing with us some practical tips on what we can do to improve our own mental wellbeing, and those around us and start to break down the taboo of talking about mental health.


Speaker: Jen Morrison - Thames Training

Jen is an accomplished trainer with more than 20 years teaching experience. She teaches a huge range of first aid, health and safety and mental health courses. Jen adores teaching and loves sharing skills and knowledge with people and is truly passionate about giving people the gift of confidence to trust their own instincts.




Mahwe is a personal development community. It’s a space for you to learn, reflect, get new ideas and share your personal growth journey with like-minded people.


At Mahwe you will hear thought-provoking talks, you’ll find a place where you can immerse yourself in meaningful conversations about a wide variety of topics, you will meet open and positive people who like you believe in the importance of personal growth.


Our groups meet twice a month, where we host talks and group conversations. Those evenings are welcoming, relaxed, friendly, fun and uplifting. You’ll get inspired and motivated.




7.30 pm: We arrive, get a drink and meet everyone

8 pm: We sit down, welcome everyone and share updates

8.10 pm: We share a meal together and chat

8.30 pm: We listen to a 30minute talk or kick start the conversation

9 pm: We open for questions and a group conversation

9.30 pm: We close the evening, but we often stay and chat a bit longer


If you are interested in coming along to the Mahwe Oxford event, you can purchase a ticket here. The ticket costs £25 and includes a lovely dinner at The Anchor in Oxford, where we meet. You can expect a warm welcome, you'll meet open-minded and positive people and enjoy a relaxing and thought-provoking evening.


You will be attending as a guest and if you like it (and we hope you will), you can attend up to two more events to see if Mahwe is something you want to be part of. And then if you'd like to join Mahwe Oxford as a Member, you can do that easily and we'd love to welcome you to the group. Membership is £50 a month and it covers you two monthly evenings including dinner. There is no joining fee or long term commitment, so if your circumstances change that is not a problem.

Interested? We are looking forward to meeting you!


Meet Kate. She has been a part of the Mahwe group for several months and would like to share her Mahwe Experience with you.


01 May 2019, 19:30
Red Lion
BREAKING THE TABOO: Let's talk about mental health


We enjoy a variety of simple dishes which are primarily vegetarian.

There are also options to suit your individual dietary requirements.

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