Our environment exerts a great influence over us. We believe in creating environments that improve life, foster wellbeing and happiness.

Our journey started when Ben Molyneux founded The Oxfordshire Project, a community of business owners who support each other, collaborate and contribute to causes locally and internationally.

Having learnt a great deal and seen first hand the impact a positive, open and inspiring community can have on people’s lives, we are  building a new community based on the values we’ve developed to help a greater number of people create the life that they aspire to have.



We have dreams and we are willing to work on ourselves to turn our dreams into goals, and our goals into reality.



We see life as a great adventure: an opportunity to explore our potential, to meet inspiring people and have amazing experiences.



We enjoy the company and camaraderie of like-minded people. We share the journey, support each other and bring out the best in each other.



We love to learn and better ourselves. We share ideas, experiences, and learn from each other.



We make contribution a conscious part of our life. We do this by supporting causes here and abroad, one action at a time.